All Inclusive Package

Social Media

In the last few years we have seen a surge in social media being used to promote businesses. However, many SMEs still struggle to use social media as a platform for promoting their business and as a result are missing out on some fantastic opportunities.

We have a track record in showing businesses the huge benefits that a social media presence can have on their marketing efforts. We will make sure that your company has a well thought out plan to showcase your business to the wider world, making connections that you may never have thought possible.

We specialise in 6 channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linked In
  • Google +
  • YouTube

We advise you, as an SME, to use a minimum of 2 of these social media channels. We’ll help you to discover which channels work best for your business.


  • 120 minute initial set up meeting
  • Bespoke social media plan tailored specifically to your business
  • Scheduled content across 2 platforms
  • Easy to digest analysis report and advice going forward
  • Ongoing training

Price = £299.00 + VAT per month

Building Data & Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to speak to your customers is via email. It's not expensive, it's not complicated and it works!

Emailing a link to well crafted blog can position you as an expert in your field; a tempting offer via email can have customers buying your product in just a click of a button - we can help you work out which email marketing approach is right for you.

With rising print & postage costs and exorbitant charges for advertising space, email marketing is a far more cost effective way to reach your customers. But to get it right, you need to know who your customers are and tailor your offers accordingly. Customer data is at the heart of any successful marketing strategy.

Whether or not you currently have a customer database, we can help you. If you have a list of customers - that’s a start! If you don't then we can help you build one. We specialise in quick and creative methods to build your customer database.

New laws on data protection come into effect in March 2018 - we are well versed in these and can help you future proof your database, keeping it lean and clean for years to come.


  • 120 minute initial set up
  • 180 minute 'data investigation' – pulling together all of your contacts
  • Bespoke email marketing plan tailored specifically to your business
  • Design and copywrite one outbound communication per month
  • Implement and send to your database
  • Easy to digest analysis report and advice going forward
  • Email campaign and sharing on social media platforms
  • Up to 500 contacts input into a user-friendly database
  • Creative action plan to increase contacts
  • Dedicated outreach plan to attract and convert new customers

Set up price - £300.00 + VAT    Monthly - £280.00 + VAT

Content Building

The days of the hard sell and the cold call are over. Consumers are more resistant than ever to these old fashioned approaches. So what is the alternative for SMEs? The simple answer is content creation and marketing.

It has never been more important to put out relevant, engaging and original content. This approach enables you to speak directly to your specific audience, informing them about your product or service without directly selling to them. It helps your customers make their own decisions about your business.

Well crafted, thoughtful, creative content can build trust and give you a huge amount of credibility with your target audience, it can position you as an expert in your field and put you that crucial step ahead of your competitors.

We can help you understand the importance of valuable content and how it engages your specific customer base. Using our unique process, we can help you write a killer content plan chock full of engaging content that will really hit the spot with your audience.


  • 120 minute session to identify your target audience
  • Access to our unique creative process that will make your business the leader of the pack
  • Full content plan and timings
  • Copy writing and editing of 2 pieces of in-depth valuable content per month

Price per month : £199.00 + VAT

All Inclusive

£545 + VAT / month
  • Social Media
  • Building Data & Email Marketing
  • Content Building
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